Friday, February 4, 2011

Recent Makeup Looks I've Created

 Hey Ladies!!!!

Been a while since I posted (sorry about that!) I wanted to put together a bunch of different photos of makeup gigs I have done :):):)! The photos below are from a makeup seminar I did at Healthy Inspirations located in Fairfax. It's a center where men and women can go to lose weight, get healthy and in shape and learn how to care better for themselves. Sandy (pictured below) volunteered to have her makeup done so I could show the attendees a simple subtle smokey eye using purple/pink colors :)

Sandy before makeup application

she is ready to be "beautified!" :)

her eye w/o makeup
The application begins!!!

One eye complete :)

hahaha looks funny yes... :)

COMPLETE! She's so pretty. We had to beg her to let her hair out (it's sOOOO pretty....)

Gooooorgeous girl !! 

Next gig I did was for my best friend and a couple of her girlfriends. They were bridesmaids in a wedding so I did their makeup and they looked so gorgeous!!! Here are the photos :)

Andy, doesn't she look PURTAY

Stephanie (she needs to get in her dress!)

All Complete!

They're so cute!!!

Andy and Steph all finished and beautiful

I did Fio's makeup as well (unfortunately I didn't get good shots of it before the wedding)

Last but not least I did the bridal makeup for Stephanie's friend and I think she looked gorgeous :) I also did three of her bridesmaids and like a big gigantic dork, I forgot my camera to take photos!!! aaaaah. So I stole hers from facebook (hehee) This is how the look came out :)
Bride checkin herself out in the mirror :)

Curling her SUPER long lashes :)

I look really odd here lol but I'm making sure everything matches 

The final look 

Those are my most recent makeup gigs, thanks for checking out my photos! Hope you enjoyed the post, if you have any questions feel free to post them