Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cut Crease Look

So I have been wanting to try this look for a while. I did it on both eyes and did it slightly different on each. On my left eye I put the crease a little higher up than on my right eye. I think I prefer the right eye over the left. I like the crease a bit lower... but overall I think the look came out really nice. I need a bit more practice at it, but for a first try I don't think I did too bad! Anyway I will edit this post tomorrow and add all the colors and how I did it.. I'm too tired to add all that now... but take a look and let me know what you think! Ciao bellas :)

Edit: Ok so tried this kind of look one more time, but this time I used The She Space pigments... first off, how gorgeous are the colors??!!! I love them! I am really happy with how the final look came out. It looks really vibrant and stuff... anyway I will again post all the colors I used and what not tomorrow... just did this look and had to upload it. Hope you like it! and thanks for stopping by!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pretty Blues

Ok so I wanted to try this look out that I saw on one of these blogs that I saw which I now follow, her makeup is always ridiculously pretty, like stunning, I love it. This is her link . Anyway she does this look with an eyeliner that she calls a banana look. I am not good at this at all (just admitting it now lol, but I am trying to learn how to do it). So my very good girlfriend let me use her to try this look out. The left eye was the eye I did first (it's not so good as you can see) then I tried it out on the other eye and the look came out slightly better. It still is no where near as good as Eva's but I am still learning the technique. I think overall the look came out decent and the blue looked gorgeous on her! Well she is gorgeous... but the color made her eyes pop! Let me know what you think :)

Products Used:

Mac Studio fix fluid foundation in NC25
Mac concealer (don't remember exact kind)
Coastal scents contouring kit

Mac painterly paint pot as base
Nyx cream liner in blue
88 color palette that I have (not sure who makes it) that is what I used for all the eye shadow I used.

Hope you like, and thanks for looking :)

Ben Nye Look

Hey ladies,

I've been super busy so haven't been able to post for a little bit... my birthday was Monday (YAY!) and this whole week I've been working and then going places each night and getting home mega late, so I've been super tired... BUUUUTTT I ordered tons of makeup as a present to myself :) And one of the pallets I ordered was the Ben Nye shadows... first off they are GORGEOUS! and really pigmented... I love them.. I think it's funny that they are considered clown makeup, but hey whatever works, ya know... Anyway I haven't used it too much, but the first look I decided to try was a bright pink one. So here it is.... let me know what you think :)

Products Used:

Mac Studio Fix fluid foundation in NC35
Mac Translucent finishing powder

Coastal Scents contour palette

Mac painterly paintpot as base
Ben Nye shadow in Tangerine on inner corner blended up
Ben Nye shadow in Azaela on middle and outer half of lid blended in with tangerine
Ben Nye shadow in Jade on the very outer V crease of my eye blended in
Mac e/s in Nylon as my highlight
Revlon double twist mascara
Mac eyeliner in photogravure on waterline and smudged on lower lash line
Mac fluidline in blacktrack on upper lash line

Hope you like it! And thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAC off the radar, teal, grape

Hey! So this is my lotd... i really actually don't like it very much, I was going for something different... and it just didn't come out the way i wanted... I'll try the look again later, just don't have time to do it now...

I took my puppy to get bathed and groomed... can't wait to get him and stuff and hopefully he'll be all clean and fresh smelling! i love that dog so much... I'll add photos of him all clean and groomed... he's adorable...
Well anyway here is my look... let me know what you think... I'll come back later to edit the post to add in what I used and where I used it and what not...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tempting Eyes Quad by MAC

Hey ladies!

So today was such a dreary cold friday! :( I didn't want to go to work today lol and 5 o'clock couldn't come fast enough! But finally i'm home with my puppy and my little laptop and I am ready to show you my look of the day :) I got this palette a while ago and I forgot I had it and never used it! But I whipped it out this morning and tried it out, and the colors are very pretty... the green in it is lime/yellow'ish and really pops when you put it on! I love it... here are the photos... let me know what you think! and as always, thanks for stopping by. :)

Products Used:

Prep+Prime face primer
MAC studio fix foundation in NC35
Prep+Prime translucent setting powder

Painterly paintpot as base
Tempting Eyes Quad
Fluidline in blacktrack
Technikohl liner in photogravure
Mac Prep+Prime lash primer
Revlon double twist mascara

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simple Brown and White lotd

Hey ladies :)

So today was okay... I was sad the holiday was over and everything went back to normal work everyday lol... but such is life... it's late and I'm tired so I don't have much time to post anything... but I wanted to show you my look of the day... I chose a simple brown and white shadow/liner look. .. Let me know what you think :) and as always thanks for stopping by :)

Products used:

MAC studio fix foundation NC35
Translucent setting powder (m.a.c.)

Painterly paintpot as base
Ulta mauve gel liner on lash line and up around my eye socket
Tarte makeup palette *(I actually can't remember the name of the color, I'll look it up and edit the post)
MAC e/s in Gesso on lid
MAC pigment in Vanilla as my highlight

Revlon matte in Nude Attitude

Thats it for this look... it's actually quite easy once you get the steps down.. it's really all about blending... I tried pulling the brown and white out past my eye and stuff.. just playing around with a look... I actually think it ended up coming out pretty cool looking... I think i'll be doing this look more often :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

She Space Pigment Look


Man today was a very blah day... I woke up this morning mega late which sucked and I was rushing like a crazy women to get to work and as I am getting ready to walk my dog and leave I notice that he had a major accident in the apartment... GROSSSSSS so I ended up cleaning that up for twenty minutes and was late ugh :( Poor thing, I felt so bad for him too, he was scared and stuff cause he's house trained but I guess he really had to go... SOOO that was the start of my morning... awful right? Well anyway I didn't have time to do my makeup, so I did it quickly when I came home on my lunch break... I recently found this website the she space... it's totally cute and she sells really good products, the link is . You should check it out and try out some of her pigments... anyway I ordered a ton of colors and have been so busy with my two jobs that I haven't even really tried out looks with them! aaaah, so I decided to use them today and this is the look I came up with :) Let me know what you think.... :)

MAC look with teal

Hey guys!

I played with colors again and came up with this look on my friend.... let me know what you think!

Products used:

Face: Mac studio fix fluid foundation

Eyes: MAC paintpot in blackground on outer half of lid. Paintpot in painterly on inner half of lid
MAC pigment in pure white on inner half of lid
MAC pigment in teal on outer half and below waterline
MAC e/s in carbon outer v blended up to brow bone
MAC e/s in nylon as highlight
Mac Fluidline in blacktrack as liner
Technakohl liner in graphblack on waterline and lower lash line

I know the look is super dramatic, but I think it's pretty and it blended nicely... anyway hopefully you guys like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Photos I Found of Different Looks :)

Just different looks I have done and had random photos on my computer... hope you like :)

Purple and Pewter look! :)

Ok so my friend has this event she is going to tonight with her boyfriend and she wanted to look gorgeous (as all of us girl would want!!!). So she is wearing this hot super short black dress with a draping back (hot) and these awesome pewter shoes, so she wanted purple and pewter... We did this look over my lunch break (jeez not a lot of time! lol) and I am SUPER happy with the results and how it turned out. The pictures honestly give it NO justice... it's stunningly gorgeous in person and in the sunlight, my gosh, it's just really pretty! And she loves it, so that's all that matters :) Let me know what you think :):)

Products used:
Mac Paintpot in Blackground
MAC pigment in Sweet Sienna on inner half of lid
MAC PRO pigment in Grape on outer half of lide
MAC pigment in Vanilla on inner corner of eye
Ulta duo mineral shadow in lavender as highlight
MAC e/s in Carbon in outer v blended up to brow bone
MAC fluidline in blacktrack
MAC Technikohl liner in graphblack
NYX glitter liner in clear on lower lash line

MAC Studio fix foundation
MAC translucent setting powder

MAC Viva Glam II in A57

I love the look and think it came out so pretty... let me know your feedback :)