Friday, October 9, 2009

She Space Pigment Look


Man today was a very blah day... I woke up this morning mega late which sucked and I was rushing like a crazy women to get to work and as I am getting ready to walk my dog and leave I notice that he had a major accident in the apartment... GROSSSSSS so I ended up cleaning that up for twenty minutes and was late ugh :( Poor thing, I felt so bad for him too, he was scared and stuff cause he's house trained but I guess he really had to go... SOOO that was the start of my morning... awful right? Well anyway I didn't have time to do my makeup, so I did it quickly when I came home on my lunch break... I recently found this website the she space... it's totally cute and she sells really good products, the link is . You should check it out and try out some of her pigments... anyway I ordered a ton of colors and have been so busy with my two jobs that I haven't even really tried out looks with them! aaaah, so I decided to use them today and this is the look I came up with :) Let me know what you think.... :)

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