Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cut Crease Look

So I have been wanting to try this look for a while. I did it on both eyes and did it slightly different on each. On my left eye I put the crease a little higher up than on my right eye. I think I prefer the right eye over the left. I like the crease a bit lower... but overall I think the look came out really nice. I need a bit more practice at it, but for a first try I don't think I did too bad! Anyway I will edit this post tomorrow and add all the colors and how I did it.. I'm too tired to add all that now... but take a look and let me know what you think! Ciao bellas :)

Edit: Ok so tried this kind of look one more time, but this time I used The She Space pigments... first off, how gorgeous are the colors??!!! I love them! I am really happy with how the final look came out. It looks really vibrant and stuff... anyway I will again post all the colors I used and what not tomorrow... just did this look and had to upload it. Hope you like it! and thanks for stopping by!!!!

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